Nintendo Labo Blaster

Kourin Yamada-Rice, Video Games Reviewer (aged 11)

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What is the game?

You start by choosing a level

The game is about aliens who have come down to earth and are trying to take over it (it doesn’t say or show that but it is probably what happened). You are a person rolling on wheels and your aim is to defeat all of the aliens on each level. Some of these aliens are pink and others are golden which are rarer. It isn’t only colour that separates them but these colours also mark how their abilities also differ; the pink ones can only stay on the ground and walls unlike the golden ones which can fly-slowly moving up and down towards you- so don’t get to angry when you miss!

This is what the golden alien looks like and you can see a pink alien n the background hanging from the tower.

But, there is a way where you can’t miss and that’s by locking onto the alien. Then if you pull the trigger when you’re pointing at your target and then load your gun and shoot you can’t miss.

After two levels of normal stages you finally move onto the boss stage. You have to hit its green parts to deal any sort of damage to the boss (usually a metallic monster of some sort ). After you defeat the boss the game will give you a point score calculated by the number of monsters/aliens defeated (usually one on boss levels and thirty on normal levels), accuracy with the attacks and the time you took to defeat the boss. Normal levels don’t get timed because you are forced to move along the path whilst you look around and kill as many aliens as you can. That’s pretty much everything in the game. Except there’s one secret I haven’t told you about but I want you to try and find out.

The secret in action!


There is also a game mode called Kablasta. Instead of playing by yourself this one is a two player game. You are in a hippo feeding arena with everyone watching you. Both of you usually start with five different fruits and you try to shoot them into the hippo’s mouth. If you succeed in doing that it will swim towards your area and when it goes into your area it will score a point. After that your turn ends and you pass the blaster to the next person. But if you miss the mouth your turn ends straight away and you pass the blaster on like before. Using the secret in this game mode will show you the hippo’s favourite fruit. Feeding them their favourite fruit will make them move faster into your area which might lead to the hippo pushing one or two more other hippo’s into your area scoring more points for you!

My Design

I chose the design I painted on to the blaster from Splatoon 2. I chose this because it was the first and only game that came to my head which included a blaster that was similar to this one.

The Review

I like the Nintendo LABO because it is more interactive compared to normal VR because you are holding something in real life and not some controller pretending you’re holding something in real life. Also, like before, it makes a sound in reality and not VR. As well as that you can still play with it out of VR because you made it in reality and not just in a game.

There’s not much bad about the design except the VR headset doesn’t have a strap so you constantly keep it close to your eyes whilst playing the game. In the game the aliens just stand there or fly towards you which I think might be too easy so they should sometimes be able to attack and you should be able to defend or block. If they did put this into the game could you also add in lives so it isn’t too hard for the people who play the game.

——- THE END ——-

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