Nintendo Labo VR Bird

Kourin Yamada-Rice, Video Games Reviewer (aged 11)

This game is an adventure game. You fly as a bird, discovering new land as you go – just like Zelda. Your aim is to hatch all 25 eggs into birds which become your companions. But, it isn’t as easy as it seems. In order for chicks to grow they need food so they will ask for a type of food and how much they want of it. If you find another chick asking for the same type of food as you fed the one before, the amount it will ask for will be a lot more. So stock up!

Like the blaster, the Nintendo Labo bird has two game modes but unlike the blaster both are a one player game. The second game is called Bird Dash it is more of a racing game than an adventure game except you are playing by yourself so instead you are up against time. When you start the timer will also begin counting down from forty seconds (I think). There are fifteen checkpoints, and I know you think it will be impossible to do all that in just forty seconds, but it isn’t impossible because you get ten seconds bonus every time you go through a checkpoint. Don’t try to skip any checkpoints because the next one wont appear until you’ve gone past the checkpoint you’re supposed to go through. If you get lost an arrow will pop up out of nowhere pointing in the direction you need to go in order to find the next checkpoint.

Using the VR bird

I like this game because I’ve always wanted to fly like a bird and now I can. You can also use the wind pedal with both of the games. It lets you feel a breeze when you step on it so it feels more like you’re in the air and less in a game. But that isn’t the only extra thing it does because it also gives you a speed boost which I really enjoy. The last thing I like is how it’s still really interactive. For example to move you have to flap the birds wings.

Wind Pedal

The things I think need improving is the level of challenge in order to hatch the birds. For example if you have to get the apples from a certain tree or area. In Bird Dash it would be nice to have more than one map. And, one more thing for Bird Dash instead of trying to beat yourself it would be more fun if we could also be against the three people who introduce the secret garage hide out.

My design that I chose to paint on the Nintendo Labo bird is the wood pigeon and that’s because it was the last bird I saw before I started to paint it. Also I like wood pigeons. I hand-crafted the leg and painted another underneath to look like it was coming in to land.

In its natural habitat!

——- THE END ——-

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