The Nintendo LABO VR Elephant

Kourin Yamada-Rice, aged 11, Video Games Reviewer

Marble Run

This is me changing the angle of the marble run using the elephant’s trunk

The Nintendo LABO elephant game is called Marble Run. You don’t make a marble run because it’s already made for you. So, what you’re supposed to do instead is fix the marble run. The marble drops out of a yellow cube and onto some pieces of the marble run. Then you have to help it reach the red circle to be able to go onto the next level. But, at some point the marble will drop and that’s where a missing piece of the marble run needs to be placed. So all that’s left to do is find the piece (It won’t be hidden or out of your reach. It will probably be in front, left, right or above you). There might also be more than one piece missing. There’s one more thing that might be a problem and that’s the angles of the run could be a little off and so the marble could bounce off the circle’s rim. In order to fix this you pick up a piece like normal and then you tilt the handle of the cardboard headset left or right to change the angle of it.

You know how before I said you can’t make a marble run? Well actually you can; I was lying. But you need to complete the first five levels of easy mode to do so. I haven’t really tried this mode but I have checked what I’m allowed to use. I’ll also tell you what you can get from each level because the more levels you do the more things you can get to build the run with. This is what I have from Level Five:

  • 1 ball dropping box
  • 50 small blue pieces
  • 50 long blue pieces
  • 50 small orange pieces
  • 50 long orange pieces,
  • 1 red circle for scoring

From Level Ten:

  • 9 more red hoops

Level fifteen:

  • 1 big yellow hoop (my guess is that it’s around ten times bigger than a red hoop)

Level Twenty:

  • 50 trampolines,

Then on Level Twenty Five you can change between gravity and antigravity and also get a special blue hoop, which you have to go through as many times as it says for it to count; and finally Level Thirty a conveyor belt. That’s as far as I have got but I know there’s more out there waiting for people to get.

What the marble run looks like in the game


Like most of these Nintendo LABO kits this Nintendo LABO has two games. The next game I’m going to talk about is called “Doodle” as it’s name suggests you make art or doodle. When, you open the game you will be able to see nine picture frames. These are for free styling and drawing what you like.

Then underneath the bottom three picture frames there is something that says; “Guess the doodle! (2p)”. The 2p stands for two player but just because it’s a two player game doesn’t mean it isn’t about art. One person will start by drawing what the game is telling them to draw until you have finished drawing or until the timer has gone off. After that, you should pass the Nintendo LABO to the other person. They, now using your picture will guess what the picture is. Luckily, there are four choices so it isn’t too hard. If, you get the right one you win but if you get all of the wrong ones you lose.

WAAAIIIIIT!!! I nearly forgot the most important part of this game. Before you do anything you have to choose the amount of time you get to draw- up to five minutes and infinite- you also need to choose the difficulty of the drawings you have to draw- one star, two stars, three stars or random. The last thing you can do in this game mode is making new colours by mixing other colours together. Unfortunately, you can only keep three new colours but you can throw away old colours you have made. The location you use to make the colours is in three paint pots underneath the ‘Guess the Doodle’ sign. Try and find out what’s in the cardboard box as it’s very useful.

As you can see I painted my elephant kit:

I got this idea from the elephant book Elma because it looked really good.

Image result for Elmer elephant
Elmer the Elephant

——- THE END ——-

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