Angry Birds VR

Kourin Yamada-Rice, Videogames Reviewer aged 11

This game is on PSVR and it is called Angry Birds 2 Under Pressure. Your aim is to get to Eagle Island, which in the film is the new third island that the pigs have found. Setting aside their differences they work together in the Piggy Sub to find this island.

The third island- Eagle Island

On Level 1, you should start with some black cubes which have plunger signs on them these are called plunger cubes. When these cubes are put into a specific place they can be launched to collect treasure. Unfortunately only the captain can collect the treasure and the way to do it is, aim your magnetic laser pointer at the treasure box then click ‘x’ on your controller. Keep clicking ‘x’ until the sign disappears or it looks like the treasure chest is getting pulled in.

Treasure Spotted!

You might find that you will start to loose plunger cubes quite quickly but there is a way to make them. You need a green cube (it has a twig symbol on it) and a blue cube (it has the end of a plunger on it). Then you put both into a machine with signs of both a blue and a green cube on top. After you put one of each in the machine, it will take a few seconds for it to come out because like all things they need to be merged to be created. When the blocks come out you will get one or two plunger cubes and zero or one pieces of rubbish. This isn’t luck it is related to the amount of people that are playing. For instance, if two people are playing, two plungers and no rubbish will come out but if you have three people playing, one plunger and one piece of rubbish will come out. I don’t know about four players because I haven’t tried that.

There are also gold and silver generators. These help you get better ranked blocks which can get you more points and closer to the maximum amount of points.

Treasure ranking:

  • Bronze= 100 points
  • Silver = 350 points
  • Pigium = 500 points (this is a bright pink cube and if the captain tries to put it on a treasure square it wont move but it will make a whirring sound. This is because it acts like TNT, fireworks and torpedos which have explosives in. So the sub will take damage if the captain tries to move it.)
  • Gold = 1000 points

There might not be enough space for all the treasure so you have to swap out lower ranked treasure for higher ranked treasure.

I’ve just talked about TNT, fireworks and torpedos, so I should go into more detail. TNT has a timer on it and comes out of treasure chests. You need to put the TNT in the furnace before the timer runs out, otherwise it explodes and your sub takes damage. Fireworks are found on bonus level and above, and they are used to craft torpedos. Torpedos are placed where the plungers are placed and their job is to explode things in the way, e.g. a brick wall. That is basically everything you need to know other than unlike the Nintendo Labo VR headset the PSVR headset fits over your head so you can hold the controllers when wearing the headset.

This game is hard but super fun. You have to cooperate as a team otherwise you will lose. I wonder if it might be good to have an endless game mode to enjoy this part of the game for longer. Although sometimes we were angry with each other because one person was not moving quickly enough or doing the right thing. I think the game is special because only one of the team is in VR and the rest of the team is playing outside VR and not many games do this.

——- THE END ——-

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